Nutrition Advice For Office Workers

In the modern world it is harder than ever to stay in good health. Due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles
and an abundance of cheap and readily available junk food, obesity and heart disease is on the rise.
Office workers are especially at risk of falling prey to these factors, as they are required to spend much
of their working day in one location. Below is a simple guide containing some simple steps to mitigate
the problem of poor nutrition in today’s workplace environment.

The first step is to eat a substantial breakfast. Not only will this give you the energy you need to make it
through the morning, but it will also tide you over until lunch, preventing you from being tempted to eat
calorific or sugary snacks. Due to the lack of exercise that modern desk-bound workers now face, there
is little to keep us from piling on the pounds by snacking whilst in the office. Although such snacking may
seem innocuous or even necessary to function at times, it is one of the leading causes of poor nutrition
and weight gain amongst sedentary workers.

As an alternative, consider bringing your own healthy snacks to work. Fruits, nuts and low-fat yoghurt
are some of the more filling and most convenient candidates. At all costs, avoid buying from the vending
machines that your workplace most likely has. Even the snacks marketed as “healthy” will be loaded full
of sugars and preservatives to extend their lifespan for the months that they will sit within the machine.

Additionally, it is important to stay well hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Resist the
temptation not only to indulge in sugary drinks, but also to drink caffeinated beverages. Although coffee
and tea will temporarily make you feel more alert, they will also cause dehydration and effect your sleep
patterns, causing you to be more likely to binge on unhealthy food and drink in response. Instead
consider having an organic fruit or vegetable smoothie. Not only is a healthy alternative, but it will give
you the needed energy to stay alert throughout the working day.

Another good way to stay energized and avoid having to resort to eating unhealthy foodstuffs, is to get
regular exercise. Although ideally, you should be getting approximately 40 minutes or more of heavy
cardiovascular exercise each day, simply getting up to go for a walk can be invaluable. Moving away
from your desk to stretch your legs is not just good for raising your energy levels, it also helps prevent
eye strain, postural problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and a host of other health issues.

Lastly, to avoid indigestion during the day, avoid certain foods at lunch. Anything with large amounts of
fat can provoke indigestion. As can foods with heavily spiced or fried ingredients. Instead, consider
bringing a healthy lunch you made at home, such as pasta or a sandwich. Another major contributor to
indigestion is workplace stress. Although everybody’s experiences are different, the impact of stress can
be mitigated via meditation or just some simple breathing exercises.