Financial Planning For 65+ Needs A Boost Says Myles Haverluck

financial planning

crucero financial plansAmericans are living longer than ever and as a result, Myles Haverluck says financial planning for 65 and over has become inevitable. How do you convert a lifetime of savings into a monthly stream of income that will last forever? As times become leaner, this issue has gained new urgency.

Baby boomers have begun to usher in a new era in which retired seniors expect longer life spans, rising health costs, and stock market volatility. It’s nothing like your mom and dad’s retirement, when everyone received Social Security benefits and collected a pension.

The need for predictable retirement income is a necessity says Haverluck.

• Fixed income annuities. Annuities provide an attractive combination of earnings and security that few other products can match. Imagine an investment with a guarantee that you’ll get your money back with interest. That’s how annuities work, like pension plans, guaranteeing a fixed monthly payment for life. With an immediate annuity, you give the insurer a lump sum. In return, you’ll receive payments for the rest of your life.

• Reverse mortgages pay you back. Reverse mortgages, like other mortgages, are loans against the equity in your house. While it may not be the right investment for every retired person, Myles Haverluck points out, reverse mortgages provide a steady stream of cash without the fear of foreclosure. This loan is structured so you never have to pay back a penny until you leave the house. If you need income more than you want to leave a house to your heirs, then this strategy may be a prudent investment for you.

• Choose a long-term care insurance policy. After a lifetime of building up a considerable nest egg, retirees are terrified of if vanishing under the barrage of nursing home bills. Studies predict seniors over the age of 65 will require some form of long-term care services yet only ten percent of those over 55 own a policy. A policy with greater benefits will give you a wider set of options. With less generous coverage, you may not be able to afford quality facilities.

For many of us, sensible retirement planning can seem overwhelming, says Haverluck. However, following basic guidelines to ensure a happy life is relatively easy to implement.

Chilling Out On A Wing Night


wine nightEating out has taken on various new styles that conform to the different lifestyles of people everywhere. For those whose schedules do not permit a lot of time to have a meal in a relaxed atmosphere and tamed scenery, fast food and take-out are convenient alternatives to casual dining. Also known as wing night, casual dining is enjoying a sumptuous dinner while comfortably seated in soft furniture’s having waiters and waitresses at one’s beckon call and is still a popular way to celebrate food and friends.

A wing night is always unplanned. A spur- of -the -moment exploit to eat out after office hours or just after dark. Such feat is easily realized with all the restaurants all over the city that offer a wide range of recipes to satisfy the palate of every hungry soul. These diners serve meals and beverages to compliment the demands of their clients.

Unlike fast foods, take out counters and deliveries, a wing night is more calm and cozy especially if the bistro is totally designed with all the perks of sending the right and tranquil mood while enjoying a grilled steak, a plate of pasta with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. Such an informal setting is always paired with a nonchalant atmosphere. During a wing night, everyone is totally laid-back and calm while savoring the flavors of what the chef has cooked up.

If the family craves for barbeque, there are so many diners that serve chargrilled fish, meat, vegetables and other varieties of ingredients. If friends want soul food which is “French-influenced” cuisine, such bistros are easy to find. If one is on a strict budget and can only afford a certain amount, but wants to eat more than what his money can afford, then to a buffet he must go.

From all walks of life, each and every individual has an appetite that is as constantly changing as the weather. From steamed, to roasted, to fried and to whatever the chef can imagine, these food preparations are all ready to be served in restaurants, bistros, cafes and other eateries. Although, food is a basic need, the limitless ways of enjoying it makes every meal a more satisfying and filling experience. A wing night is certainly an exciting off-the-cuff deed that guarantees a happy eater and a contented taste.

Nutrition Advice For Office Workers

Nutrition Advice

In the modern world it is harder than ever to stay in good health. Due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles
and an abundance of cheap and readily available junk food, obesity and heart disease is on the rise.
Office workers are especially at risk of falling prey to these factors, as they are required to spend much
of their working day in one location. Below is a simple guide containing some simple steps to mitigate
the problem of poor nutrition in today’s workplace environment.

The first step is to eat a substantial breakfast. Not only will this give you the energy you need to make it
through the morning, but it will also tide you over until lunch, preventing you from being tempted to eat
calorific or sugary snacks. Due to the lack of exercise that modern desk-bound workers now face, there
is little to keep us from piling on the pounds by snacking whilst in the office. Although such snacking may
seem innocuous or even necessary to function at times, it is one of the leading causes of poor nutrition
and weight gain amongst sedentary workers.

As an alternative, consider bringing your own healthy snacks to work. Fruits, nuts and low-fat yoghurt
are some of the more filling and most convenient candidates. At all costs, avoid buying from the vending
machines that your workplace most likely has. Even the snacks marketed as “healthy” will be loaded full
of sugars and preservatives to extend their lifespan for the months that they will sit within the machine.

Additionally, it is important to stay well hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Resist the
temptation not only to indulge in sugary drinks, but also to drink caffeinated beverages. Although coffee
and tea will temporarily make you feel more alert, they will also cause dehydration and effect your sleep
patterns, causing you to be more likely to binge on unhealthy food and drink in response. Instead
consider having an organic fruit or vegetable smoothie. Not only is a healthy alternative, but it will give
you the needed energy to stay alert throughout the working day.

Another good way to stay energized and avoid having to resort to eating unhealthy foodstuffs, is to get
regular exercise. Although ideally, you should be getting approximately 40 minutes or more of heavy
cardiovascular exercise each day, simply getting up to go for a walk can be invaluable. Moving away
from your desk to stretch your legs is not just good for raising your energy levels, it also helps prevent
eye strain, postural problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and a host of other health issues.

Lastly, to avoid indigestion during the day, avoid certain foods at lunch. Anything with large amounts of
fat can provoke indigestion. As can foods with heavily spiced or fried ingredients. Instead, consider
bringing a healthy lunch you made at home, such as pasta or a sandwich. Another major contributor to
indigestion is workplace stress. Although everybody’s experiences are different, the impact of stress can
be mitigated via meditation or just some simple breathing exercises.