5 Alkaline Foods: Restoring Your Body’s pH

Nutrition is something I have always been greatly interested in. In college, I devoted more time into learning about nutrition, than I think I did in any other course of culinary school. I went on to study nutrition a lot further and something I preach to everyone I know is the importance of balancing your body’s pH.

Our body’s are made up of mostly water, so it only makes sense that our pH should be more alkaline rather than acidic. Eating certain foods, drinking certain beverages and taking certain medications and drugs can affect your pH. Some things that cause an acidic body are sugary sodas, processed cheese from Nacho cheese dispensers, meats and especially processed meats, like hot dogs and bacon and dairy products. In order to balance our body, we must eat and drink alkaline foods. It’s more likely for sickness and disease to wreak havoc on your body if it is acidic. I’m going to share with you five foods that are alkaline that can be added to your daily diet to balance out acid and improve your overall wellness.

#5 Cabbage

CabbageCabbage is a great alkaline vegetable to incorporate in your diet. It’s pretty economical and can be prepared in many ways that are simple and delicious. Cook chopped cabbage in a slow cooker, covered in vegetable broth, salt, pepper and a pinch of red pepper flakes for a delicious healthy side dish.

#4 Spinach

SpinachPopeye wasn’t playing around when he ate his spinach. He must have been topping the pH charts. Fresh spinach is probably top 3 most alkaline vegetables. It is perfect for a salad. Toss fresh spinach with toasted walnuts, dried cherries and some feta cheese for an easy dinner and healthy meal.

#3 Lemon

Now, I know lemon is an acidic fruit but surprisingly it is great for balancing pH. To make water alkaline, squeeze a wedge into a glass and drink this daily. It restores your pH and cleanses you from the inside out to help you stay vibrant.

#2 Cucumbers

Did you know that cucumbers are actually a part of the melon family? Cucumbers are mostly made up of water which makes them highly alkaline. A great way to make a creative snack with cucumbers, is to cut a cucumber into 1 inch slices, spoon out the center half way to create a a cup. Fill the cup with hummus or guacamole for a portable snack or a fun party appetizer.

#1 Raspberries

RaspberriesRaspberries are highly alkaline. They are worth introducing to your diet and although they aren’t as tasty out of season, you can purchase them frozen, blend with juice and yogurt in a blender to make a splendid smoothie. Adding ground, rolled oats makes this perfect for a morning meal replacement.

There are many fruits and vegetables that go way beyond this list but they are readily available and a good kick start to replenishing your pH. Refreshing your body and being aware of the input, will allow you to have a more lively output, and make sure to check out this weed identifier app before starting to grow you own garden.

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